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The Neuschwanter House

Here we are on Manhassett Dr., finishing up the siding replacement and painting on this side of Fred Neuschwanter’s house. We painted the house in 2008 and replaced the siding on the other side then. Generally the house has gone 11 years since painting. We take care of issues as they come up and we can go on indefinitely this way.

This fall we will pressure wash and restain the deck.

5295 Wyntercreek Way – Williams Home

5295 Wyntercreek Way - Williams home

5295 Wyntercreek Way – Williams home

The last we did exterior painting on the whole Williams home was in 2002. Of course every year or almost every year we do the yearly maintenance. We pressure wash touch up and when needed we do the necessary carpentry work. Since this house is white we can make this paint job last for many years to come since white is not photo-reactive. (Which means it doesn’t fade like many colors) As it is we have saved them the cost of at least one paint job. The bottom of the columns take a beating and we have had to do carpentry work on them fairly regularly. When it is available we use PVC board so it doesn’t rot. Our goal is to make our paint jobs last as long as possible and save our homeowners as much as we can.

5271 Wyntercreek Way – Caveness home

5271 WynterCreek Way

5271 WynterCreek Way

1586 Dunwoody Club Crossing – Hammack home

1586 Dunwoody Club Crossing - Hammack Home

1586 Dunwoody Club Crossing – Hammack Home

1638 Manhasset Dr. – Neuschwanter Home

1638 Manhasset Dr. - Neuschwanter Home

Painting Skylights

This high skylight is one really good reason homeowners hire us to do their painting. Snaking the ladder and myself around the island cook station, the hanging pot and pan rack, and spotlights, took 2 man hours to paint 100 square feet of wall space! No complaints, happy and grateful to have work. It’s just food for thought for why you might want us paint your kitchen!

Renditions Painting - painting skylights

Turner Home Project – 2

After pressure washing the exterior, we had to remove the drip cap because the old was draining water back toward the house causing the bottom of the siding to deteriorate.

Turner Home - Renditiosn Painting - removed the drip cap











Because it had been a while (11 years) since it was last painted we wood puttied quite a few areas.

Turner Home- Renditions Painting- siding preperation before painting











Then we installed, caulked and primed 1×4 trim.

Turner Home - Renditions Painting - installed 1x4 trim











Then we primed all raw wood.

Turner Home - Renditions Painting - All raw wood primed











The entire exterior of the house was then painted.  This project was completed in the March 2014.

Turner Home - Renditions Painting

Turner Home Project

This is our first post for our website! It is exciting to get started, both on the website and on exterior work for the year 2014.


Turner Home - Renditions Painting

Today we start work on the Turner home on Fontainebleau Dr. in Dunwoody. It is the end of February but going up to 70 degrees today so we will get the pressure washing done this afternoon. We have a fair amount of wood repair too, and then we will pressure wash and stain the deck in the back to boot. We have done work for the Dykstras for some years now and they referred Renditions to the Turners last fall but we ran out of exterior weather so here we are, the first opportunity of the year.

I look forward to posting each phase so folks can see what we are about.

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