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Archive for Renditions Painting

The Neuschwanter House

Here we are on Manhassett Dr., finishing up the siding replacement and painting on this side of Fred Neuschwanter’s house. We painted the house in 2008 and replaced the siding on the other side then. Generally the house has gone 11 years since painting. We take care of issues as they come up and we can go on indefinitely this way.

This fall we will pressure wash and restain the deck.

Spalding Estates

Spalding Estates Subdivision Sign

Spalding Estates is one of three subdivisions between it’s entrance off Spalding Dr. and Aurora Ct. which runs off Roberts Dunwoody.

This is the Drexler home that we have been maintaining for the last 7 years in Spalding Estates. When we got started it could have used a whole painting but we brought it up to snuff with pressure washing and touching up and have been doing that ever since. So the last time they had to pay for a whole house painting was around 12 years ago and it looks good and is ready to go another 10 or more years.

Drexler house

Here we are painting the discolored gutters. The big trees that surround this house cause a stain to embed into the paint. We can clean this with strong cleaners by hand but since we charge an hourly fee it is much faster to just paint them.

Drexler gutter stain


Nantz Home

The painting on this home was done in 2011 that makes this paint job 5 years old, and it still looks good. The panels on the garage door are loose and they either need to repair or replace the door but we took care of the splitting caulk and painted that and a couple of other split caulk in other areas but after 5 years when others would paint the whole house we were able to get them back into good shape for $400 which included pressure washing. Considerably less than whole house painting. Now 5 years old, we can make it last 4 times that if we pressure wash and touch up at least every other year from here on out.


Fountainbleau Subdivision 2016

We painted this home in Fountainebleau Subdivision, Dunwoody in 2010. Most people paint between 4-6 years but here it is 2016 and this home still looks very good. (This picture was taken 7/16) The back however does get a lot of sun and with this dark color it fades.  So instead of painting the whole house we did repaint the back, but we can go years before painting the whole house. (The depth of color and exposure to the sun should be considered when looking at the longevity factor of your paint job.)


This header above the garage door opening was rotten, so we replaced, primed and painted it too.



The Barkley Home

We finished painting this Dunwoody home in Verdon Forest across from Austin Elementary last week. It looks great!,


It was a bit more complicated  than expected as the last painters used thinned down latex paint over oil paint! It looked like it had snowed all around the house after pressure washing!


It required way more scraping than was obvious going into it. It required more scraping and an additive to the paint but we kept the price to the original price. And Jim says they are pleased. We are pleased that they are pleased!








5295 Wyntercreek Way – Williams Home

5295 Wyntercreek Way - Williams home

5295 Wyntercreek Way – Williams home

The last we did exterior painting on the whole Williams home was in 2002. Of course every year or almost every year we do the yearly maintenance. We pressure wash touch up and when needed we do the necessary carpentry work. Since this house is white we can make this paint job last for many years to come since white is not photo-reactive. (Which means it doesn’t fade like many colors) As it is we have saved them the cost of at least one paint job. The bottom of the columns take a beating and we have had to do carpentry work on them fairly regularly. When it is available we use PVC board so it doesn’t rot. Our goal is to make our paint jobs last as long as possible and save our homeowners as much as we can.

5271 Wyntercreek Way – Caveness home

5271 WynterCreek Way

5271 WynterCreek Way

1586 Dunwoody Club Crossing – Hammack home

1586 Dunwoody Club Crossing - Hammack Home

1586 Dunwoody Club Crossing – Hammack Home

1638 Manhasset Dr. – Neuschwanter Home

1638 Manhasset Dr. - Neuschwanter Home

1368 Wyntercreek Road – Oberg Home

1368 Wyntercreek Rd - The Oberg Home

1368 Wyntercreek Rd – The Oberg Home

The Oberg home at 1368 Wyntercreek Road in Dunwoody, GA

This is the Oberg home on Wyntercreek that we finished doing the exterior painting this spring. We last did the exterior painting on their house in 1996.  That is 18 years ago! And…the reason they wanted to paint was to change colors, not because it “needed” it. We could have gone indefinitely! Why? Because every year we pressure washed and touched up their home. Even with the cost of the yearly maintenance we saved them the cost of 3 paint jobs or as much as $7500.